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When it comes to real estate services in Paradise Point, you can count on Local Property Team for the best result. Our team not only works here but also lives in the area, which gives us unique insight into the local market. Whether you are planning to sell your home, curious about the current value of your property, or thinking about investing in Paradise Point real estate, we are here to provide our expertise and support. You can buy, sell, rent or invest in Paradise Point real estate with Local Property Team. 

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origins of Paradise Point, Sovereign Island & ephraim island

The suburb of Paradise and the development of Sovereign Island on the Gold Coast have rich historical origins. Paradise Point, part of the Paradise Point-Coomera coastal region, was originally inhabited by the Indigenous Yugambeh people. European settlement began in the mid-1800s when timber getters and fishermen established a presence.

The real estate development of Sovereign Island, situated within Paradise Point, is a more recent development. It was created in the late 1980s by developer Bruce Sutherland. Sovereign Island is an exclusive residential precinct characterized by luxury waterfront homes on several man made islands with a serene canal system. This development has transformed the area into a prestigious and sought-after location for affluent residents.

Ephraim Island, is a remarkable testament to visionary development in one of Australia's most sought-after coastal regions. Its establishment dates back to the early 2000s when it was transformed from a relatively undeveloped area into an exclusive and luxurious residential island community. This ambitious project was the result of meticulous planning and careful consideration of the natural surroundings. The island's design harmoniously integrates modern living with the pristine environment, boasting a collection of opulent waterfront residences, a marina, and recreational amenities. 

As for early demographics, Paradise Point was initially a sleepy fishing village. Over time, it attracted a mix of residents, including retirees looking for a peaceful lifestyle and families seeking a coastal retreat. With the development of Sovereign Island, the demographics shifted towards high-net-worth individuals and professionals drawn to the opulent waterfront properties.

Today, Paradise Point, Sovereign Island and Ephrim Island stand as prime examples of the Gold Coast's evolution from humble beginnings to a sophisticated and upscale destination, appealing to a diverse range of residents and visitors.

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Paradise Point postcode: 4216


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